Q & A


-with refreshing honest answers-

Q. There are many photographers in SLO county, some even cheaper who offer the same things, WHY CHOOSE JHP?
A. This is a very good question, but definitely a hard one, one that many photographers may not address. For me, “Why choose me?” is like asking why choose Mercedes over Toyota, or why choose Anthropology over Ross. Yes, both car manufactures offer great transportation options, and yes, both stores offer stylish home decor and clothing. But the difference is in the quality of the product and the experience of shopping, owning and using it.  Its all in the small details that make driving the car from Mercedes vs the car from Toyota worth the extra dollar spent. Its a luxury item, that comes with a luxury experience, and luxury status.

Here at JHP I offer a luxury portrait experience. Every detail is accounted for, and customer service is our top priority. I only take a limited number of seniors each year so that I can spend quality time on them, both in front of my camera and behind the scenes getting their images ready to showcase. I go through every image purchased with a fine toothed comb and retouch extensively but naturally, showing quality through composition and bringing out details tastefully. I do not over saturate, over sharpen, or use a filter to cover my images. I get the best possible image strait out of camera and will even show a few to you right on the back of it during your session. You will not see blown out highlights, white faces, or photos that are not properly exposed. I color correct each photo so that your skin tone actually looks like your skin color, not too orange, blue or washed out. I will get clear, crisp and clean images every time, and wont ever show you something blurry.  I use the very best gear, lenses, and editing software to capture and then retouch your images. I attend workshops and photography conventions learning the newest and latest technologies and techniques available, and then offer my expertise to my clients. I educate not only myself but you too on how to achieve the best images of yourselves before and during your session.

I get to know my clients and their parents through phone consultations, and during the session on a level that will leave us both wanting to grab lunch and hang out again after the session. And sometimes I get to do just that! I love the session just as much as you do, and enjoy the experience right along with you. I believe that there is more to offer to a client than just pretty pictures. I have made lasting friendships with many of my clients that go beyond their senior year. I have had clients invite me to graduation parties, ceremonies, dance recitals, and athletic games. Once you have joined the JHP family you are exactly that...family!

I want this momentous time in your lives to be worth something and capturing it right, the very first time, will be worth it. Let me show you the difference between a typical senior session and a Luxury Portrait Experience, and I promise you wont be disappointed.

Q. I know of a photographer who offers all the digital files with their session fee, why don’t you?
A. I do not believe that handing over a CD, or gallery full of digital images is offering a quality product or a quality experience. Most of the time, those images will be forgotten, lost in a file on the computer, or drawer. I do not believe that getting an email link to an online gallery and sifting through hundreds of images to purchase makes it less overwhelming to the client. While it may be more convenient it is actually more stressful.

In offering a private in person ordering appointment, I get the opportunity to showcase your images all together on my gallery wall as works of art in a very comfortable and inviting environment. You also get to see what your images look like printed and can tangibly hold and go through each 5x7 mated proof. AND, you get to take them home with you that very night. I want you to see, touch and feel every product I offer so you can experience ahead of time what you are purchasing. I will be there every step of the way, offering my expertise in a very non-pushy or salesman approach. If you don't want to buy it, then don't ;)

Q. Why can’t I do my own makeup?
A. Let me explain. Did you know that camera’s wash out, or make regular everyday makeup disappear? Well it does. My stylist is trained to apply “camera ready” makeup that will stand up to the infamous camera wash out. She only uses top of the line professional products and is a licensed, working beautician. She will even put on false eyelashes provided by her. This doesn’t create a heavy look, in fact just the opposite, it actually enhances your own eyes very naturally. Plus, you get to be pampered and it elevates the stress of having to get yourself ready for a pretty important day.

Many photographers offer hair and make-up options, some even claiming to be the only ones who offer air-brushing. Although there is nothing wrong with air brushing, there are actually more modern techniques available now like contouring, highlighting, and strobing. My stylist also regularly attends workshops, classes and seminars that educate her on the latest trends, newest makeup lines and will use her knowledge on creating a natural or bold look to your preference. She works in an adorable salon located in Paso Robles, but you also have the option of booking her “House Call” where she comes to you to get ready. Just one more small detail we offer.

Q. Why do I have to choose a collection? What if I don't like whats in your collections and want something different?
A. There are two answers to this question, first the obvious. Everyone likes getting paid, and I am no exception. I use to have a minimum order requirement but realized that everyone was purchasing a collection instead. Most of my clients were confused by the minimum order amount and I wanted/needed to simplify. I feel that a collection purchase is a reasonable amount considering the quality of work, images, attention to detail, customer service, and love that I put into each one of my clients. I am a mom first and it needs to be worth my time leaving my family at home for.

And second, it’s expensive for me too. It may seem cheap to just take a photograph from someone on the outside, but from traveling costs, marketing materials, business licenses, mailings, websites, insurance, gear, monthly subscriptions, education, editing software, calibration devices, memory storage, cost of goods, taxes, just to name a few, it all costs me money. If I want to offer a top quality product I must also invest in myself, and my business so that you reap the rewards of my art. The national average wage for a professional creative is between $75-$150/hr.

On average clients will invest approximately $1000-$2000 in their senior portrait experience, because well...its worth it! 

If you do not want what is in a collection that is ok! Just choose from the a la carte menu prints and products that are greater or of equal value to my lowest print collection.

Q. Do my parents have to come with me to my session?
A. You may bring a parent, sibling or friend to your session with you of course!! I highly suggest bringing at least one other person with you! It tends to make the session more fun and I can put them to work holding the reflector for me! Make sure you are comfortable with who you bring, or if not, they can wait by the car. Its up to you!

Q. How do I choose and get my yearbook photo to the school?
A. Every session includes a yearbook photo. But did you know that you get that image in a Hi Res. digital file too (valued at $95)!! I will submit the photo with the correct specifications to your high school for you, or you can do it yourself with your digital file. Its completely up to you! Either way, you can be sure it will be submitted before the deadline.

Have more questions??! Feel free to connect with me and ask away! I am happy to answer anything you are concerned about!