Bella | Grover Beach | Collaborative Creative Shoot

When we set about coming up with inspiration for this shoot, we knew we wanted to shoot in the sand, and therefore had to have a dress to match. I knew that it got windy at the location of the shoot but I had no idea the kind of wind we were about to experience the day of. Wind upwards of 30+ MPH and gusts of even more, we were not prepared. It was the windiest day in San Luis Obispo County that we have had all year long. I was super worried it wasn't going to work out, but had very high hopes that we would get at least a handful of images. Bella, was a trooper as she was the one who had to wear the sheer dress that provided little to no protection from the pelting wind and sand, and worked it like a boss.

I am so thankful for friends who love to get creative with me, and that is exactly who Jenn is. She is an amazingly talented woman in so many areas I can't even begin to list them all. Dress designing is only one. She created two different tops to go with this "magic" dress (google it) she created from scratch. See I told you she was talented. AND it fit Bella like a glove!

Bella was one of my Varsity Elite Senior Models for the Class of 2016, and she won the shoot by having the most referrals last year! Congratulations!! She has been a dream client and a dear friend of mine as we have gotten to know each other better this year! I just love her!!

A huge Thank You to Jessica Muñoz for traveling so far in order to be a part of this shoot! Her hair and makeup contributions to this shoot and to my business have been immeasurable. Love you girl!

Model: Bella Stenvall, Class of 2016

Dress Designer: Jennifer Cruzen

Hair and Makeup: Jessica Muñoz

Location: Butterfly Beach, Grover Beach, CA

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