Blink Conference | High School Senior Portraits

This years Blink Conference was held in sunny Palm Springs, California in early November so that the heat index wouldn't melt the models makeup off like ice cream cones in a hot oven. That was pretty thoughtful of them. Among friends and colleagues we had the opportunity to learn from some of the Industries best photographers, including the one and only Wyn Wiley.

My breakout session with Wyn was incredible, and while he knows his technical stuff, he also knows how to create emotion and movement within his images. This pushes my boundaries, and forces me to look at it from a different angle. Telling a story vs. taking a pretty picture. Its not in the perfectly posed, lit, or composed images where a story is told, but in the raw edges, in the imperfections, and in the untimely. I hope to create less technically precise images, and instead focus on telling a story with movement and originality both to myself and the person I am photographing.

These images are a bit different than what I normally post, but I'm hoping to be bringing a little bit more of this to my sessions more often.

Oh, and who wants to go shoot with me in the desert?? Isn't is absolutely rad?!? Let's make it happen, please!