Online Gallery

Not only do you get a crystal USB with all your purchased digital images, but I also give you limited access to an online image gallery. The online gallery makes it super easy to purchase additional prints up to a size 11x14. The online gallery uses the same print lab as I do, so you know you are getting a quality print.

What if Grandma in New York wants a print how do I share them with her? This online gallery is the perfect answer, no trying to download the images from your USB onto the computer etc, and then figuring out how to upload and share them. All she needs is the link and an email address and she can have access to your seniors gallery, make her own purchases and have it sent directly to her, or whom ever you choose to share it with. However, there is one tiny catch…the online gallery is only accessible during your senior year, once you graduate the gallery will expire.

janese hockman